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Queen of the Arabian Sea



Kochi, the very city where the water pecks the land ever so gently, amalgamates traditions with modernity. This is evident in the awe-striking yet ancient Portuguese architecture of the St.Francis Church which contrasts with the Kochi-Muziris Biennale-an international exhibition which was recently launched-portraying the works of various artists who have grasped the essence of modern art. And it surely would be blasphemous to claim you toured Kochi without witnessing Chinese fish nets catching the squirming fishes.

Night life

Kochi most definitely gifts you days that will remain ingrained in your mind, but there is nothing like the night. For all the young who want to party like there could possibly be no tomorrow Clubb 18 and Ava Lounge is a dream. But if all you’re looking for is a drink in one hand and the most scrumptious food in the other Mezzo and the Sky Grill Lounge will keep your appetite full and your heart content. And for all our calm souls out there that would love to hear nothing more than the sounds of ocean waves, Marine Drive is just what you’re looking for.


Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi houses the European structures that were established during the Portuguese or Dutch colonial era and a whole day of roaming the town would leave you bewildered by the past that gave rise to the city that is both adored and cherished. Every step narrates a different story and every breath admires the culture and history this place holds. Drench yourself with the history of the Indian Navy at the Maritime Museum which possesses antique pistols and aircraft carriers. If you feel overwhelmed by the beauty a place as small as Fort Kochi holds, you can grab refreshments and other delicacies at David Hall and enjoy the painting on the walls.


Mattancherry held a vital role in foreign trade during the colonial period and it clings to its history to this day. The Jew Street encompasses of artefacts on either side each having endured generations of history. The Dutch Palace or the Mattancherry Palace, which was gifted to the Kochin Raja, will also gift your eyes with its remarkable Kerala Murals portraying Hindu temple art. The Dharmanath Jain Temple, whose interiors are made of marble, invites tranquillity to rid the weary of their troubles.


Kochi Metro

When one of the fastest modes of transport arrives in your city, you grab the opportunity! Currently, it connects stations between Aluva and Petta. Not only is it affordable but you get a panoramic view of Kochi as she is at an elevated position. Launched in 2017, it is an ideal method of transport if you want to escape the traffic on the roads and reach your destination within a limited time. Adhering to your convenience, it starts at 6:30 a.m and extends till 10:30 p.m at night on the weekdays with a small change on Sundays. The Kochi Metro is a step closer to enjoying the city and a big leap to being a part of the developed cities of India.

Kochi Water Metro

The latest addition to water transport and the first water Metro in India is present in our very own Kochi. Launched on April 2023, Kochi Metro Rail Corporation Limited has maintained its standard by establishing terminals and passenger entry and exit gates. It is currently running on two routes: Vytilla-Kakkanad and High Court-Vypin. It ensures both sustainability and comfort as it is battery-powered and air-conditioned and you will be happy to know that every passenger’s convenience has been considered including the disabled!


Kochi Muziris Biennale

This four-month-long international exhibition is a sight for sore eyes! Both Indian and International artists indulge in varieties which does not limit to art paintings. Art is expressed in various forms such as structures, film screening and music by artists as young as college students. The theme for the 2023 Biennale was "In Our Veins Flow Ink and Fire", which we bid adieu to on April 2023. And like spilt ink or a treacherous fire, this event caught the attention of all in Fort Kochi, Mattancherry and Ernakulam. Art has often been associated with emotions and sentiments untold but the recent one undertook the political issues which still resonate in the minds of every person who attended it.

Kochi Marine Drive

The vast stretch facing the sea is one of the magnificent places to promenade. Attracting both tourists and locals, sitting on the benches with the cool breeze against your face and watching the sunsets is a must if not a need. As you develop a sense of serenity you can take a stroll to find a vast selection of shopping malls and food centres to enhance your visit here. At night, standing on the gigantic rainbow bridge and viewing the sea that stretches for miles is truly picturesque.

marine drive.jpg

Kochi Airport

The first fully powered airport in this very city leaves every local gleaming with pride. Its most recent addition is the international terminal which facilitates a separate building for all international flights. Your loved ones and dream destinations are only a flight away. Foreign exchange is available on all three terminals-the International, Domestic and Executive terminals. The highly hospitable and amiable staff members ensure that your safety and security is their utmost priority. Public transport or feeder buses are available to aid you in reaching your destination.

Cultural Heritage

Where are all the religions merge together to live in harmony, Kochi has safeguarded every religion and created an environment rid of bigotry. The churches, mosques and temples can be found in all places and the festivals such as Christmas, Vishu and Eid are celebrated by all with immense fervour. The rich culture has endured centuries and is still dominant in the present age. But the one festival confined only within the boundaries of the state is Onam. During those 10 exuberant days, loyalty to the state triumphs religion as every citizen takes part in the celebration. Dances such as Kathakali are more than just a set of rhythmic movements; they unravel stories of great depth. And as for the food that has been eaten for generations-nothing brings satiety than food made with coconut and spices.


City Life

Every city rat has a map of all the places to ensure a day is well spent. It certainly includes malls where you can drift into the land of diverse clothes, food and appliances. Lulu International Shopping Mall is the residence of the largest number of stores and has international brands a store away! Centre Square Mall and Oberon Mall are the others to name a few. But if what you’re longing for is a contemporary restaurant or cafe Cocoa Tree, FCB, Grand Lounge and Kashi and Cafe 17 will exceed your expectations. And if you wish to indulge in a shopping spree we have international brands such as H&M and Marks & Spencer a ride away!

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